Advice To Writers: “If You Want to Write …”

“If you want to write, it must be the thing not that you want to do, or would like to do. It must be the thing you feel you have to do. It must be that without which you could not live. If you’ve got that, then it’ll be all right.” CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS
This is so true for me. When I am working on my book or other writing, I always feel like I’m doing what I was born to do. I feel energized, excited as to what might next show up on the page, happy about what I am doing, and thrilled that I am able to write something that just might entertain or help a reader. Unfortunately, I have another full-time labor-intensive business (I own Cliff Cottage Inn, a B&B in Eureka Springs, Ar) and sometimes the inn “eats my wellll, breakfast”. I know I was given a gift…the ability to write a good story or article. I know I must dedicate a certain amount of time a day to work on my writing. And yet, sometimes days, even weeks go by when I am so busy at the inn that I don’t do anything on the book or article I have already begun. It sits there, waiting in my computer and the longer I stay away from it, the worse I feel. I get antsy, discontented, even miserable because I believe the muse inside me is struggling to get out and I”m not allowing her to do so. Then, when I feel so bad about ignoring her and she starts to claw at my guts to escape, I finally give in to her and return to my writing. And then, all is well with the world. Julia Cameron in her book, “The Artist’s Way”, talks about how creative people put all kinds of roadblocks up to avoid working on their creative projects. Artists do it, writers do it, musicians do it…I just wish I could finally get it that I need to set aside a certain time each day to work on my writing and not allow anything to come in the way of it…nothing at all! Then I know I will be a lot happier person for I will be sharing the gift I was given with others.

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