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Sandra aboard her sailboat, ready to go under the Golden Gate Bridge and out into mind-blowing adventures in the Pacific.

A Cook's Tour of Epicuria...
One Woman's Adventures

Smith's 270-page cookbook-memoir has 16 full-page color photos she has taken of various places in Europe, Britain, Mexico, and Latin America she's traveled to and written about. The book contains over 200 of her original and family recipes and 25 tales by the author of her worldwide travels. It is currently out of print, but a few used copies are still available on, and because of the book's popularity, it may soon be reprinted.

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A Cook's Tour of Epicuria...One Woman's Adventures
by Sandra CH Smith

"5.0 out of 5 stars Such a good gift – especially for women of all ages in your life! What a treasure this book is! I gave it to my daughter for Christmas, and she loves it as much as I did. Wonderful recipes tucked in-between pages of captivating stories of Sandra's journeys through life. Sandra is an inspiration to women everywhere. How does one woman fit so much living into one life? She makes it possible."


Out Of The Fog!

A Story of Survival, Faith, and Courage

Out Of The Fog! is for those wishing to seek a happy and joyous life, free from addiction and wanting to learn how to push fear aside and step off the dime into a rewarding, adventurous life. This is the inspiring story of a 35-year old woman who had everything— until Demon Rum crept in to take it all away. At eight years sober, the author buys a sailboat, teaches herself to sail, and embarks mostly alone, sometimes with her rebellious teenaged daughter, on a seven-year spiritual odyssey in the Pacific. Smith's book offers a heart-warming, sometimes terrifying testament to triumph over adversity.

"Out of the Fog!" offers painful but compelling insights into mother-daughter relationships and illustrates the power of hope, faith, and courage.

Top review from the United States from
Out of the Fog!
A Story of Survival, Faith, and Courage
by Sandra CH Smith

5.0 out of 5 stars This book is superb!

Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2021

"This book is extremely well written and is very interesting. It’s a lesson in what a wonderful adventure life can be, and how you can use faith to guide you. I highly recommend it."


Smith's sailboat Sérenta at rest in the free anchorage off La Paz, Baja

Sandra's 35-foot sailboat Sérenta anchored off La Paz at Isla del Espiritu Santo in the Sea of Cortez, one of the Sea's most beautiful islands and her favorite anchorage.

Thy Sea Is So Great....
and My Boat Is So Small!

This is the working title of Smith's third book, currently a "work in progress." It follows her adventures aboard the 35-foot sailboat she bought when she was 43 with no knowledge of sailing. With eight years of sobriety tucked into her life jacket, the author spent almost three years teaching herself how to sail up and down the coast of California. Then the Big Blue beckoned, and off she sailed, mostly alone or sometimes with her rebellious teenaged daughter, to continue her spiritual odyssey from San Francisco to the Polynesian Triangle somewhere off Easter Island. Says Smith," Terrifying? Yes! Scary? Yes! Life-threatening? Yes! Life-changing? No doubt! Fabulous? Absolutely! And YES! I'd do it again!"

Watch the author's blog for a release date.

Sandra CH Smith's paperbacks and Ebooks are available from, Barnes& and in-store, and at local bookstores.