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Out of the Fog! A Story of Survival, Faith and Courage

Sandra CH Smith seemed to have it all - a 16-year marriage, two well-behaved young children, an elegant home in the Philly suburbs, and a long and successful journalism career. And yet, it was aged Cognac and French wine that sustained her. She longed for the chance to escape her husband's manipulative control and alcohol's creeping grasp.

After getting sober with the help of a 12-Step recovery program, Sandra walked away from everything with $600 in her pocket, eventually rebuilding her life and purchasing a 35-foot sailboat. She taught herself how to sail and with just a compass, a chart and a prayer, spent the next seven years navigating the Pacific from San Francisco to the Polynesian Triangle somewhere off Easter Island, mostly alone but occasionally with her rebellious teenage daughter. This spiritual odyssey rooted in her a fearlessness she continues to carry throughout her joy-filled life.

Out of the Fog! A Story of Survival, Faith and Courage
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Sandra’s sailboat, Sérenta, on anchor off La Paz in the Sea of Cortez

Praise for Out of the Fog! A Story of Survival, Faith and Courage

5 Stars Out of 5  Amazon Reviews

Fascinating Memoir on Facing Life's Challenges

"A wonderful celebration of living life fully. The author's journey begins by breaking free of damaging behaviors and relationships, and it continues through emotional and physical challenges and victories. I was particularly moved by Smith's adventures as a novice sailor, told with great humor and humility. It is an absorbing look at a
woman growing and evolving, while embracing the sheer joy of being strong and free."
-K.V.R, MO

An Intimate Journey Through Truth

''Out of the Fog! kept my attention from the first page to the last. lt was exciting, heartbreaking, funny ...a beautifully well-written book ... "
-Lea Dingman, AZ

This Book is Superb

" ...a lesson in what a wonderful adventure life can be, and how you can use faith to guide you. I highly recommend it."
-B. Lustig, NJ

A Cook's Tour of Epicuria--One Woman's Adventures

After selling her sailboat in Puerto Vallarta, Sandra created and ran her five-star B&B Inn in Arkansas where she began writing about her sailing adventures. One night she received the call all parents dread and learned her 23-year-old daughter had been run over and killed by a drunk off-duty police officer. Totally in grief, she couldn't continue her book until a friend gave her a copy of The Artist's Way, which helps creative people to get unblocked. Unable to write about the sailing adventures she had had with her beloved daughter, Sandra instead began writing about other adventures she had experienced in her life.

Guests staying at her inn kept asking for recipes, so Sandra compiled over 200 of her original recipes and 21 adventure stories into a manuscript that became A Cook's Tour of Epicuria. Now sold out, you can still find used copies on and Sandra is considering republishing the book.

Praise for A Cook's Tour of Epicuria--One Woman's Adventures

''What a treasure this book is! Wonderful recipes tucked in-between pages of captivating stories of Sandra's journeys through life. Sandra is an inspiration to women everywhere. How does one woman fit so much living into one life? She makes it possible."
- Dee S., AR