Sandra CH Smith says, “adventuring” is in her DNA and her life proves this. She has had a zillion careers and lived in and travelled to many far flung places. Before her 21st birthday, she was constituent liaison in Senator Wayne Morse’s DC office, social secretary to the Grande Dame of DC society, assistant to director of Hewlett-Packard’s office in Geneva, Switzerland, high school French teacher, and at 19 and alone, the only American on the last trip of the original Orient Express from Greece to Italy with soldiers jabbing bayonets into passengers’ bags (but not hers!) and smashing their cameras onto the tracks — her solitary railcar was left abandoned for days without explanation somewhere in the middle of Communist Eastern Europe.

At 22, she was one of only a couple of women realtors in Philadelphia, and before 30, Smith had been a publicist to prestigious non-profits, had started a 16-year career as a feature writer, investigative reporter, photo-journalist and night editor of a major Philadelphia suburban newspaper, was an art school model and actor.

By 40, she had been an Arts administrator and cultural affairs specialist in Philadelphia PA and Santa Cruz CA. Before she was 50, Smith was a lobbyist for the Arts, taught “Artist’s Way” to artists and writers without fee for more than 10 years, was a restaurant chef, had her own ocean-going radio show had opened her own gallery (without charging artists any commission!) and was founding owner and innkeeper of an award-winning five-star bed and breakfast inn in Arkansas.

In between all this, Smith appeared as a dramatic actress for years with numerous theater companies and performed for several seasons with the Philadelphia Opera, Pennsylvania Opera and San Francisco Opera.


Smith now comes to you as a published author. Encouraged by her well-read and adventurous father and her playwright mother, she was inspired at an early age by books she’d “borrow” from her father’s immense library (like Hemingway’s books about bullfighting), reading into the night with a flashlight under the covers. At age 10, she wrote her first story, an 11-page tale about bullfighting in Spain from the bull’s point of view. Smith’s first book, A Cook’s Tour of Epicuria… One Woman’s Adventures, is a 270-page cookbook-memoir with many of her original recipes and stories of her incredible adventures. She now lives in Old Bisbee in Arizona’s High Sonoran Desert, and when she’s not writing, enjoys RV escapades and other travels with her husband, a medievalist/opera-lover.