Sandra CH Smith, Wordsmith
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Sandra CH Smith, Wordsmith

Sandra CH Smith, Wordsmith

Sandra CH Smith Author/Adventurer

Welcome to my world, and thank you for stopping by to check out my site. You'll find my blog, which offers occasional tidbits to delight There's also a page on the books I've written and published and those I'm working on, all dealing with some of my past and ongoing adventures.

People I meet always ask, "How did you find the courage to do all that?" and I reply, "I think adventuring is in my DNA, and thank goodness, my parents taught me to be fearless!" When I'm not working on my latest book or traveling to new and exotic places with my hubby (a retired medievalist and opera-lover who is also a writer), I enjoy hosting guests who book stays at our guesthouse located in the heart of Historic Old Bisbee in Arizona's High Sonoran Desert (

I must also confess I'm a hopeless "foodie" and can spend hours creating new and yummy recipes…our one-eyed rescue puppy, Albert, loves to hang out in the kitchen with me, hoping I'll drop something...which, à la Julia Child, I usually do!