I’d love you to check out my site. I’ve got a blog going and info on the books I’ve written and published dealing with some of the adventures I’ve had. My friends always say, “How did you find the courage to do that?” and I reply, “My parents taught me to be fearless!” When I’m not working on the next Great American novel, I’m playing innkeeper at Cliff Cottage Inn, the B&B I started in 1992 after spending 7 years single-handing a 35-foot sailboat in the Pacific.

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Yay! Spring is here and writing is flowing

Yesterday was significant:  I saw our first robin, glimpsed daffodils peeking through the earth, cleared the last bit of ice from the paths, and best of all, submitted my first play for consideration to the Oz-Arts Drama Club’s 10 X 10 Play Festival that will be happening here in Eureka Springs (dates and venue to be announced later).

I took one of the  touching stories from my cookbook-memoir and fashioned a play after it.  The story tells the tale of a mother and 13 year-old daughter driving across country. They are bringing back to Philadelphia from California the gift of the grandmother’s car which, as the mother says, “I really didn’t want the car…but how do you say ‘no’ to your mother? She doesn’t realize I’m on a starving writer’s budget.” They meet a hillbilly-twanging  truck driver in the convenience store of an Interstate truck stop who helps them install the CB radio they just bought into their car. I won’t give away the whole story, but the mother learns later from the truck driver how much her daughter loves her and how wonderful the daughter thinks she is. In an almost unbelievable twist of events, the mother is later able to comfort the truck driver’s mother and let her know how much he loved her.

Watch for announcements of the Festival. If my play doesn’t make it into the festival, that’s OK. It was very meaningful and cathartic for me to get it completed yesterday, the 19th anniversary of the death of my real-life daughter who was killed by a drunk driver on the same interstate 10 years later after the play action takes place.

Snowy weather great for writing!

It’s snowing again and a perfect day for working on my writing. I’m going to spend half the rest of the day working on my taxes (ugh!) and half the day working on a new play.

Eureka Springs has a new theater company, Oz-Arts Drama Club created by Joe Watts who has more than 35 years experience as a director and producer and who moved here to our creative little village some months ago . The company is seeking 10-minute plays from local authors within 50 miles of Eureka for a 10X10 Play Festival.  Ten 10-minute plays will be selected for three performances at venues around Eureka Springs.

Submission Deadline: March 25, 2015 to be submitted to Joe Watts (company director) at joeleewatts@att.net

Submission Guidelines: Plays must not run longer than 10 minutes. Monologues are not accepted and cast must not be more than five characters.  Plays must have a simple, single unit set since they will be performed back-to-back.  Must be submitted in play script format with page numbers.

My writer’s “lair” is laced with fluffy inspiration!

I think I might work on creating a play from one of the stories in my cookbook-memoir. Wish me luck!


Feb. 24, 2015 – Here goes! My first attempt at a blog. I own Cliff Cottage Inn (cliffcottage.com) in the Victorian artist colony of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I always say Eureka is the only civilized place in the entire state of Arkansas! With 2,007 residents, probably 80% are either writers or artists and 100% of us all have our own opinion about everything from marmalade to Marmaduke!
In between creating new recipes, hunting for obscure ingredients, cooking up a storm, and welcoming guests, I am working on my writing. My second book is finished and searching for an agent.

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