Snowy weather great for writing!

It’s snowing again and a perfect day for working on my writing. I’m going to spend half the rest of the day working on my taxes (ugh!) and half the day working on a new play.

Eureka Springs has a new theater company, Oz-Arts Drama Club created by Joe Watts who has more than 35 years experience as a director and producer and who moved here to our creative little village some months ago . The company is seeking 10-minute plays from local authors within 50 miles of Eureka for a 10X10 Play Festival.  Ten 10-minute plays will be selected for three performances at venues around Eureka Springs.

Submission Deadline: March 25, 2015 to be submitted to Joe Watts (company director) at [email protected]

Submission Guidelines: Plays must not run longer than 10 minutes. Monologues are not accepted and cast must not be more than five characters.  Plays must have a simple, single unit set since they will be performed back-to-back.  Must be submitted in play script format with page numbers.

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Sérenta (in foreground) on anchor in the Sea of Cortez
Sérenta (in foreground) on anchor in the Sea of Cortez